Food For Thought


Food for Thought is a FREE national nutrition education programme developed for years 5 and 6, based on the NZ curriculum, using an inquiry based learning approach.


Creating healthy students for a healthy future!

By participating in Food for Thought you will receive:

  • classroom nutrition sessions delivered by a nutritionist
  • a supermarket visit with an inquiry learning nutrition focus
  • a gift card to the value of $60 per class to sponsor a healthy class lunch which the students design, calculate a budget, buy, prepare and enjoy
  • a prepared Solo Taxonomy teaching resource for additional nutrition learning sessions

To get your school started on Food for Thought contact one of our local Nutrition Advisors.


Need to learn more?

With one third of New Zealand children currently overweight or obese, the need for Food for Thought is particularly relevant today. The Food for Thought programme was developed by nutritionists and several teachers with the support of the Food for Thought Education Trust and Pams. The Food for Thought programme is now being implemented in schools nationwide through the Food for Thought Education Trust and the Heart Foundation.

For more information, visit the Food for Thought website