Healthy Heart Award Rito

rito award banner

The first level of the Healthy Heart Award is Rito. This level helps you to put some strong foundations in place around healthy eating and physical activity. Embarking on your Rito journey means we will help you with the following:

Strand 1: Governance and Management Whakahaere

  • Develop or review healthy eating and physical activity policies
  • Develop or review lunchbox guidelines to support your parents and whānau
  • Develop or review a cyclical menu and display it to parents


Strand 2: Learning and Teaching Whakaako

  • Provide and record learning experiences on healthy eating and physical activity through learning stories


Strand 3: Collaboration Ngātahi

  • Let your parents and whānau know you are on your Healthy Heart Award journey


Strand 4: Professional Development Tupu Umanga

  • Gather healthy eating and physical activity resources for your team to help increase their knowledge and boost their teaching practices.



Not the right level for you? Check out the Whānau or Pā-Harakeke levels