Healthy Heart Award

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What is the Healthy Heart Award?

The Healthy Heart Award provides guidance and structure for you to create an environment that promotes healthy eating and physical activity. It can help you address food and physical activity issues that teachers and staff are finding challenging, and it also can inspire and spark enthusiasm.

The Healthy Heart Award has three different levels and works like a bronze, silver, gold system. You can start at whichever level you like. Each level has seven strands and once you have completed all seven strands you will be awarded and become a Healthy Heart Award ECE service.


Why take part in the Healthy Heart Award?

Participating ECE services will benefit from:

  • one on one support from our Nutrition Advisors
  • access to helpful resources
  • professional development workshops
  • promotion and marketing tools for your ECE service.

Need more convincing? Check out this infographic.  


Who is the Healthy Heart Award for?

The Healthy Heart Award is for all early learning services across Aotearoa. As long as you have a current license with the Ministry of Education and are ready to make a positive difference to your community, you can sign up.


Where do I complete the Healthy Heart Award?

You complete your Healthy Heart Award journey here on our Learn by Heart website. There are many resources and information to help you. Your local Nutrition Advisor will also be there to help you make changes and create your environment by calling you, emails and/or visits. For each strand you submit evidence to show us the amazing environment you have created for your community.


When do we need to complete our Healthy Heart Award journey by?

It totally depends on your unique situation, but a year is a good timeframe to aim for. If you haven’t reached the end of your journey after two years we may get in touch with you to see how you’re going.


How do I take part in the Healthy Heart Award?

  • Step 1: Take the quiz to get your recommended Healthy Heart Award level.
  • Step 2: Make guided changes to your healthy eating and physical activity environments by completing each strand
  • Step 3: Upload evidence of your Healthy Heart Award journey
  • Step 4: Celebrate your successes and the completion of your Healthy Heart Award

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