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Making a show of the Healthy Heart Award

Cheviot show 2

Showing off at the Cheviot Show!

Little Oaks Preschool in Cheviot is over-the-moon to receive their Rito (Bronze) Healthy Heart Award. Since signing up to work towards their Rito Award in August 2017, Little Oaks Cheviot has recorded all the ways they incorporate healthy nutrition and physical activity into their daily programme.

“The Healthy Heart Award has enabled us to celebrate and reinforce already-present aspects of our current programme, like outdoor education, edible gardens and physical challenges and exercise” says Little Oaks teacher Nic Hiatt.

Little Oaks Cheviot has encouraged fantastic whānau and community engagement throughout their Healthy Heart Award journey.

“We were able to involve whānau through healthy-eating guides, shared kai contributions, our 'Big Heart Day', and our involvement in the Cheviot Show” Says Nic.

Every year, the Cheviot Agricultural and Pastoral Show (A&P) invites local schools and ECE to run a stall to show the community what they’re up to! This year, Little Oaks Cheviot decided to make the focus of their stall about the Healthy Heart Award.

The time and energy that Little Oaks Cheviot put into their stall is really impressive. . They showed the many aspects they have worked on over the past year – their drawings and reflections about one of their favourite books, Eat your greens, Goldilocks!, their shared produce basket, which encourages whānau to share their spare produce with each other , and a Healthy Heart karakia, which was developed especially for their Healthy Heart Award.

Nic also says “The Cheviot Show 2018 was a wonderful way to be able to celebrate our current learning and achievement of our Healthy Heart Award with the wider community. We have loved embarking on our Healthy Heart Award journey, strengthening our environment to ensure the promotion of healthy eating and physical activity.”

“Our focus is for children in our centre to develop and demonstrate confidence independence, knowledge, and positive attitudes towards self-help, and care skills relating to food preparation, healthy eating and drinking, hygiene, resting and sleeping– instilling a foundation for healthy and positive lifelong habits.”

Healthy Heart Award Nutrition Advisor, Mikaela Battaerd, says it’s been a pleasure supporting Little Oaks Cheviot to gain their Healthy Heart Award.

“Their energy and passion for healthy living is fantastic. I have enjoyed all my visits to Cheviot to see them. I am looking forward to watching them progress to higher levels of their Healthy Heart Award,” says Mikaela.