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Edukids Baverstock role modeling their way to Gold!

edukids baverstock

Staff role modelling at EduKids Baverstock key to achieving the Pā-Harakeke (Gold) Healthy Heart Award


EduKids Baverstock in Flatbush, Auckland was recently awarded their Pā- Harakeke (Gold) Healthy Heart Award during the centre’s Chinese New Year celebration on 16 February 2018. Centre Manager Daisy Zuo discusses their exciting journey:

Why did you take part in the Healthy Heart Award?

‘We strive to provide the best possible quality service for our children and their families at EduKids Baverstock. We recognised the importance of well-balanced nutrition and regular physical activities for children's development, and how they lay a foundation for a healthy and active life.

We believe taking part in the Healthy Heart Award provides our teachers with an opportunity to promote healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle for our families. After we received the Whānau award in 2016, we were encouraged to challenge ourselves and make a bigger difference so we decided to apply for Pā-Harakeke.’

What you have learnt from this journey?

‘We've learnt that role modelling is often the best way to motivate each other and others to change diet and lifestyle. By supporting each other by coming up with ideas of healthy eating for children and families, we became a stronger team by doing physical activities together. We can now design a balanced menu for children's daily nutrition intake, and have more ideas to create physical activities within our environment.

The staff were great role models by participating in the Heart Foundation 5km Challenge at the 2017 ASB Auckland Marathon. Signing up to the marathon is part of our commitment to regular exercise. We used this opportunity to set a good example for the children and families we work with. We keep showing our continuous commitment to support the Heart Foundation in the amazing work they do for our society and people of all ages.

How have you implemented your changes and what has been the feedback from parents?

‘We discuss ideas in our fortnightly planning meetings and monthly staff meeting. We share our progress with parents via our centre newsletter, parent evenings and through children's e-portfolio Story Park, as well as ongoing open communication with parents on a daily basis.

We've received a lot of positive feedback from parents about the changes we made which is very encouraging and assuring for the team.’

Were there any challenges, and if yes, how did you overcome these?

‘Initially getting parents’ involvement was quite challenging, as parents are really busy and often find it difficult to provide written feedback. We changed our approach and used more face-to-face discussions to gain parents’ support during the process.

We also had to challenge ourselves on researching ideas to cook with children in our Children's Kitchen, as some recipes that are easy to do aren't healthy for young children. Some healthy recipes are quite complicated or time consuming.’

Going forward, do you have any future plans?

‘We certainly enjoyed the journey and we'll continue to promote healthy eating and physical activity at the centre. We will continue with our weekly healthy cooking with children in our Children's Kitchen, actively researching more ideas and PD opportunities for teachers to implement physical activity in each classroom.

As a team, we will continue to challenge each other with physical team building activities. In fact, we've just worked out our pre-meeting activity for each month. We have each team member signed up to teach the team something new which includes yoga practice and salsa dancing!’